Project Lockdown - Update

Year long project reaching the end.....the next
It was March 24th 2020 that the UK began its cycle of lockdowns, tier, track and trace etc. systems to cope with the Coronavirus outbreak. I started posting on Instagram an image a day. At that point not expecting it to last for more than a month or two. But, here we are on the 18th March 2021 and it is the 360th day of posting an image. As the anniversary for the year looms my creativity and ideas are beginning to dry up! But, somehow from the depths I have managed to keep going. Most of the images have been taken indoors and I have spent time with artificial lighting to improve my understanding and use of them. The most difficult part is just finding a new subject to do. I have started to post the previous 7 days as a slideshow here on the website. I'm still not sure what to do when the year of images has been achieved? Nobody wants to look through 300+ images so maybe I will have to break them down into manageable chunks. Then show them in a dedicated gallery?