Project Lockdown - Completion

365 consecutive days of instagram posting!
It started out with a sense that this would last for a week or two. But, today 23/3/2021 marks the 1 year anniversary since the UK went into Lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic. I've managed to keep the project going and posted an image a day on Instagram for 365 days. Its not all perfect images but that's life as a photographer. You create an awful lot of mediocre images before you get some decent ones. During this period I became more and more interested in using lighting. Having acquired some basic kit I have tried to push myself and learn different techniques while not being afraid to try various options out. When I have got to the end you begin to wonder have done enough? I decided to post the images into a gallery called Project Lockdown. Not, as individual images but as collages of approxiamately 20 images per page. I might back this up with using the Slideshow gallery and post 10-20 images in their at a fuller size. I haven't decided whether to leave the gallery long term on the site so will decide later on.