A short introduction to myself........
Amateur, enthusiast, hobbyist? Not sure any of these titles fit. That doesn't matter anyway as photography is a way for me to fulful my creative side. I have met a lot of different people on the way who have helped, encouraged and made me improve my photography. It has also taken me to events and places that I might not otherwise have gone to. I enjoy taking photos at events and Brooklands Museum has been an excellent place for me to get candid, detail and event pictures that have helped me become a better photographer. I guess that I try like most photographers to find a different view of things which maybe other people don't see. It's looking for another view of something or someone that might be familiar. Anyway, take at look at the galleries, slideshow and the news section and you might find something of interest. If you want to comment etc. then use the contact page and send me a message. As I am always interested in learning and improving either the website or my photography.

Gary Pocklington